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Reader pov~~

the little boy ran through the class pelting tomatoes everywhere; on students, on the teacher, even the ceiling had gone unspared. but of course i am the only one who can see that.


i jump up at the sound of my name and the whole class laughs. " yes i was talking to you miss." the teacher sighs loudly. "could you please look at the board and answer the question?"

i nod and turn to the chalkboard before realizing the mistake i made in paying more attention to the boy---who was now on the teacher head giving him moose ears.i try my darndest not to laugh as i give my answer and (somehow) get it right. i sink in relief when i go back to being ignored and continue to watch the boy. he has a strange little curl on the side of his head and a permanent frown on his face, despite the fact that he looks to be no older than ten.

there is a knock on the door and the boy looks up irritatedly. a girl closer to the front of the room opens the door and reveals a new student. i only know this because i heard one of the english teachers showing him around earlier. the little boy runs right up to him and waves his arms around but the new kid walks right through him to get to the teacher. i feel sorry for the boy and other spirits like him. no one can ever see them. except me.

the teacher assigns the new kid a desk closer to the front  of the class. " oh, and i forgot to ask what your name was." the teacher asks the boy who replies " it is antonio but just call me toni ok?" the teacher seemed taken aback by the accent toni had. but he shrugged it off  and continued with the lesson.

-~-~-~-~-~ time skip brought to you by the awesomeness of prussian pirates

i open my locker and am faced with the mirror on the door. my hair needs to be combed but if i did that it would be harder to hide the bruise on  the side of my neck. or the cigarette burns on my shoulders. my parents shouldnt have died, i wish for the millionth time in a row. if they had lived, i wouldnt have to live with my asshole uncle.

---the locker door slams shut on my fingers and i feel at least one finger snap, sending waves of pain up my arm. i hold in my scream as the same person shoves me to the ground before walking away laughing loudly. "watch where youre going,loser! i almost dropped my phone because of you!" 

thats a typical occurrence for me. other kids shove me, punch me, mock me, at every moment try to break me. i try to flex my bleeding fingers and clench my teeth tightly as my vision goes red and fire consumes my thoughts.  yep ,they broke me, i laugh inwardly. i struggle back to my feet and find my way toward the nurses office, trying not to cry on the way there.

i keep close to the walls, letting my eyes stay focused on the floor. i know i am close but i accidentally bump my broken hand into someone and gasp in pain. "oh im sorry, i didnt see you there, chica." that someone says to me as he turns to face me. even though my hand is throbbing evilly, i still notice how green his eyes are, as well as how big his smile is. 

out of habit,i apologize." nono, im sorry. i should have watched where i was going." i try to leave but---

"dios mio! what happened to your hand??" he noticed. i try to shrug it off.

"locker accident." i lie, knowing(really more like hoping) that he would see through it. "im such a clutz." i cradle my hand carefully, but i still manage to wince. " excuse me, but i should really get this looked at."

he studies me for a moment. " would you like some company? im still trying to find my way around, it wouldnt be una idea mal to know where the nurse is." he says with that grin still plastered on his face. i dont know why but he seems familiar. 

"sure. follow me."

-~-~-~-~-~this one is sponsored by tomatoes (how original*shot*)

i sit and stare at the wall as the pain killers set in. my hand has already been wrapped up but it still hurts like hell. i was surprised when toni was allowed to stay with me in the nurses office instead of being shooed back to class. he actually helped when the nurse cleaned off the blood (thank god that my fingers were only sprained and not broken) . peroxide is never fun, but he did know how  to keep things up-beat.the nurse had left a while ago(apparently, someone got hit too hard in dodgeball) and toni had wanted to go get a drink, which is why i am now alone for the moment--

"idiota fratello." a boy's voice says behind me and i jump to the that kid from earlier. he still has that tomato from earlier. "always going after girls instead of noticing me." 

"fratello?" i have never heard the word before so i am not sure what it means.

the boy just rolls his eyes. "yes stupida ragazza. the tomato bastard is my fratello." 

"who are you talking to?" toni reenters the room with a smile and i immediately go into defense-mode.

"oh nobody. i to myself." he looks at me like hes confused before smiling again and handing me a bottle of water. the boy in the corner is laughing is ass off the entire time.i want to strangle the kid for making me look bad, but seeing as how he is a ghost i settle for changing the subject. "so this is your first day?" 
as i said, yay ima writing again. the second part will be out shortly enjoy^^
hetalia isnt not mine nor is spain or romano. the story is mine and you are still yours

part one
part three

edit!!!!ahhh:iconfrenchsquealplz:so many views!!! thanks to everyone who has read this and or has probably just finished. you all deserve an :iconawesomesauceplz:!!!!
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